Hi, I'm Sarah Syed. I'm running to be your next director on the AC Transit board. I live in sunny Ward 3, where I want to bring more than 20 years' experience as a transit professional to make transit systems work for everyone.

Transit connects us to jobs, friends, and services. Buses are a key part of that. We need more, and we need safer and more reliable bus service in Ward 3.

I have experience in transit policy. I have worked on light rail and bicycle lanes in Silicon Valley, advanced safe routes to schools in Oakland and Berkeley, and I was previously a bus rapid transit planner in Los Angeles.

I've been hearing from many of you the challenges of bumpy bus rides and missing buses. Since the pandemic began, buses have come less often, and service cuts have made working families’ lives that much more complicated.

My number one priority is to restore service and improve on-time arrivals. People who ride the bus need to be able to rely on buses to get to work and back home safe to their families. Our children need safe bus trips to get to school. We need good bus service to go to meet each other so we drive less, and so that people without cars can do more. In a time of climate change, public transit needs to be a pillar of every community.

Over the last few weeks, I have been endorsed by Nancy Skinner, Lateefah Simon, Carl Chan, Libby Schaff, Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, and the incumbent, Elsa Ortiz. I have also been endorsed by the Democratic Party, the Sierra Club and the East Bay Times.

All of that helps me to step up on my campaign to be the next AC Transit board Ward 3 director. But I also need your help. Donate to my campaign, volunteer with us, or tell your friends about my mission by sending them this website. Connect with me on Twitter and ask me questions there, too.

I can't wait to serve Ward 3, and to bring better bus service to this community. When we improve bus service, we make our cities better places to live and help address some of America's deepest problems.