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Sarah Syed for AC Transit Ward 3 Connecting Our Communities. Delivering Strong Oversight.

Sarah Believes Good Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Transit is Important for Everyone

Buses connect us to jobs, services, and with each other. Our quality of life is directly connected to how easily we get around. Even those of us who don’t use buses regularly benefit from having fewer cars on the road, and more customers coming to our small businesses. Safe and accessible streets are safer and better for everyone. A bus network of multiple connecting routes that run frequently for most of the day, 7 days a week, is a network more people can build their lives around.

Sarah Syed is a transportation professional and lifelong transit advocate who believes that EVERYONE deserves safe and reliable transit access.

Sarah will bring in-depth expertise in public transportation to the AC Transit Board. She understands transit policy, having built light rail in Silicon Valley, advanced safe routes to schools in Oakland and Berkeley, and previously serving as a bus rapid transit planner in Los Angeles.

Sarah’s Priorities:

  • Restore service and improve on-time arrivals
  • Prioritize safety through collaboration on our buses and at our stops
  • Be a voice for the underserved communities that need AC Transit the most
  • Fight for more state and federal dollars to invest in system dependability and access